Five Minutes for Food Allergies

In December of 2013, after reading the sad news of another tragic food allergy death, I poured out a post on Facebook, listing out so many things I wanted to tell people about food allergies, asthma, and anaphylaxis. Through the sharing power of Facebook followers and friends, the post has been shared over 1,200 times and has reached well over 63,000 views.  

Though saddened at the event that spurred the post, I was bolstered by the hope that sharing this information might help educate others and raise awareness. 

I then wrote a blog post about the Facebook post as I wanted to add a few more thoughts to the post. I've now decided to move this post to its own "Page", so I can keep it more prominently accessible for readers.

The post has also been converted into a 1-page PDF, so it can be shared freely with others, both on- and off-line. I hope this helps spread this information far and wide. Thank you to all who have shared and all those who do so much more to educate people in your communities!

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