Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do Not Repair Shared DVDs with Peanut Butter PLEASE!

There is a "pin" on Pinterest, linking to this Instructables article on how to repair a scratched CD/DVD.  Their solution is to rub peanut butter on it, then wipe it off and rinse with a little water.  Word is, this actually works pretty well.  The oils apparently fill in the cracks.  I don't see how this doesn't do some damage to your device, but that remains to be seen.  The average person might be thinking, "and your point is...?", but if you know me, at all, you might understand how this makes me cringe.

The thought of peanut butter being smeared on anything is cringe-worthy for me.  The thought of a tutorial on Pinterest, where ideas can spread like wildfire, gives me pause.  Think about it...What kinds of DVDs get lots of use?  DVDs from libraries and places like RedBox and Blockbuster Express usually end up with lots of wear and tear.  What other DVDs, specifically, get lots of repeated use?  Children's DVDs!  Furthermore, toddlers love to put their own DVDs in the player, themselves, with their own two hands.  Imagine scores of frustrated people going home with their scratched discs, searching the internet, finding this tutorial, smearing peanut butter on the discs and sending the discs back out into the population.  Then, an unsuspecting peanut-allergic toddler rents a DVD and is exposed.  Maybe the risk of exposure is small.  I don't want to sound alarmist, but the idea bothers me and I'd like for people to take the time to find other ways to remove scratches on discs that are shared by others.  If it is your own personal disc, do whatever you like with it, of course.  However, if it is does not belong to you, please do not put peanut butter on it and think of those out there who might have allergies.  If you have rented/checked out a disc that's unplayable and need a way to repair it, Let Me Google That For You.


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