Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bowling with Food Allergies?

I've been considering taking my daughter bowling.  I used to love bowling when I was little.  I still love bowling, but I just don't go as often.  However, when I think of taking her, I can't help imagining someone eating a greasy, cheesy slice of pizza (which is VERY common at bowling alleys) and then grabbing the bowling ball.  I used to do it, myself.  Usually, you wipe your hands pretty well, because it is difficult to bowl greasy hands, but I think you understand my concern.  It's the allergens that I am worried about, not the cleanliness, per se.  My daughter is only 3 1/2, so she wouldn't be putting her fingers in the holes of the bowling ball.  She'd just be bowling "Granny Style" (my apologies to any athletic grandmothers who can bowl 200+ games to my lucky-if-I-make-100 games.) 

So, I found some old gloves from her dress up stash and got out the puff paint and made some "grippy gloves" out of them.  I'm thinking she should be OK to grab the ball and roll it, using those and it wouldn't be much different than playing at Chuck E. Cheese's, right?  
Has anyone out there taken their multiple-food-allergy child bowling? Any tips?  

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