Monday, August 13, 2012

Auvi-Q - New Epinephrine Auto-Injector Coming Soon

The Auvi-Q has returned in ownership to its original inventors and their company, kaléo. 
An updated post will be published.

Kyle Dine, maker of awesome music about food allergies for children, posted this wonderful news on his Facebook page this morning and I wanted to share it with everyone:

Sanofi Announces FDA Approval for Auvi-Q™, First Voice-guided Epinephrine Auto-injector for Patients with Life-threatening Allergies

Click on this link to watch the video on this breakthrough technology:

I am completely blown away by this auto-injector's design.  Here is a link to their Fact Sheet
  • The device is 3 1/2" tall, 2" wide and 1/2" thick.  So, it's only 1/4" taller than a credit card, the same width as a credit card, and about the thickness of a smartphone!
  • It talks to you!  As soon as you take off the outer cover, it begins giving audio cues to guide you through the process.  That can be extremely helpful, not only to someone who is unfamiliar with using an auto-injector, but someone who is just plain nervous!
  • It only has a 5-second hold time, versus the 10-second hold time needed for our current auto-injector.  That can make a big difference when "seconds count" and you also might be trying to keep a fidgeting child still. 
I have great hopes for this device, in getting food-allergic teens and adults to carry their medication on them, at ALL times.  Their website stated that as many as 2/3 of those who should carry epinephrine, do not.  I have read similar statistics, before, and that is startling.  There really won't be any excuse, once this product is widely available.  If people can carry iPods, smartphones, or other devices, they should have no problem carrying one that can save their life!   I'm also glad this gives males without purses or bags an easier way to carry their medication.  I have a daughter, so I always felt a little bad for those who didn't have the easier option of carrying their epinephrine in a purse.  Not that a man shouldn't be able to carry a satchel or "man bag", if he chooses, but I know most guys are just not used to carting around any kind of bag, other than perhaps a backpack, and digging through a backpack in an emergency is not ideal.  (Of course, I guess digging through a purse isn't quite ideal, either...)    
Each box will contain two auto-injectors and a training device.  They did not have any pricing information, yet, but I will report back, if I receive any additional information.

I still need one more set of epinephrine, to replace another set that is expiring soon, so it looks like I will be replacing it with Auvi-Q!   I look forward to learning more about this new auto-injector option!  

Update: I have just received word from Sanofi that the Auvi-Q autoinjectors will be distributed to retail pharmacies in the first quarter of 2013.  Hooray!  As they are awaiting final FDA approval, and epinephrine has a limited shelf-life, they want to time the production and accumulation of inventory properly, to ensure that customers receive the optimal expiration date on their product.  

I completely appreciate that, given that I have heard stories of people having other devices filled, only to find out that it's only good for a few more months.

Update #2:  Please see my latest post, where I give the scoop on the Auvi-Q trainer that I was lucky enough to be flown from Texas to New Jersey to see!  The release date is still "first quarter of 2013", but that's a lot closer, now. :)

Update #3: (1/26/13) You can now sign up for a discount card that entitles you to a $25 co-pay, if you have insurance, or a discount of $60, if you are paying cash.  This is valid towards your first 2 prescription refills for the Auvi-Q™!  Go to for more information, and to sign up for refill reminders, etc.

Update #4: (1/28/2013) It's HERE!! The Auvi-Q™ is now available, with a prescription! Check out my post, showing what's in the box and some additional information.  Contact your physician for a prescription, as you must ask for the Auvi-Q by name!

Update #5: (7/25/2013) There's a $0 co-pay offer, with $100 off for cash paying customers.  You can read more, here.


  1. Yay! Our Epipens expire in November too so I can't wait to try these.

  2. Did you get yours yet? What do you think? I'm debating on refilling my epinephrine injector with this new one.

  3. Yes! See my latest post. :) I love it!