Friday, September 20, 2013

Messages Everywhere: Lark Rise to Candleford

Even though I hardly get to watch TV, since my daughter was born, I grew up watching TV and I have seen more movies than I can count.  I've often felt that when I have something on my mind, that particular subject will pop up throughout the day's viewing.  It's probably like when you get a certain car and start seeing it, everywhere.  

I know this is switching gears, abruptly, since my last post was about adorable, educational videos on asthma attack prevention, but I was just watching an episode of the BBC show "Lark Rise to Candleford" (I need something wholesome to balance out Breaking Bad! *gah*) and this episode spoke to the part of me that aches with food allergy fears and anxieties.  I'm watching the show on Amazon Prime, so I am into Season 3, right now.  This episode finds the town of Lark Rise and one child of Candleford struck with an outbreak of measles.  This show is set in the 19th century, so as you might imagine, no illness is taken lightly and there is always the risk of loss.  

There were two particular snippets of the show that I wanted to share.  Here is a link to the first clip on YouTube (the segment runs 7:18-8:10):
Margaret: I thought perhaps I might help.
Dorcas: Thank you, but the doctor has given me very clear instructions, I am able to manage.
Margaret: I have no doubt...but it is so terrible to be left alone with one's fear, is it not?
Dorcas: Oh Margarget, I have been given so much and I cannot bear to have it taken away, now I cannot bear to have him taken.
In this scene, above, Margaret has come to support Dorcas just by being with her, in her time of need, as she cares for the ailing boy, who has been left to be raised by her, for the time being.  I felt Dorcas' comment about getting "clear instructions" from the doctor, conveys how Dorcas usually relies on her intellect to handle a situation, when that's really not enough to cope with things, since this is a very emotional time for her.  I felt Margaret was spot-on in pointing out to Dorcas, that she needs more than pure instructions, at this time.  It IS so terrible to be left alone with one's fears.  Dorcas expresses what I think every person who loves another feels, when they sense that their loved one is in danger.  I love how she puts it, though..."I have been given so much"...

[Spoiler Alert!!]
The next segment transpires after one  of the Lark Rise children has passed away from the measles.  Thomas, Margaret's husband, explains earlier that his family was "reduced" by the measles when he was younger.  He is reliving those pains, through the loss of the Lark Rise boy.  He is crying in his room and Margaret comes in to see him.  Here's a link to that clip (5:13-5:55)
Thomas: We pray, we hope, we yearn and they are born to become fodder for the epidemics...
Margaret: To love is to lay yourself open to loss, but that is the bargain we make with ourselves, Thomas, because it is worth it.
Margaret is certainly very wise, for as silly as they make her out to be, at times.  I find I am continuously reminded of the quote by Elizabeth Stone:
"Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."
 I don't always like that, though.  I don't like that my heart is exposed, seemingly defenseless, out in the world, where others may do it harm.  However, I fully agree that this is the bargain, in exchange for the soul-healing moments of love and the privilege to have a front-row seat to my daughter's life.  I sometimes forget these things, in my haste to get things done, but these messages pop out at me, from the universe, and I just thought I would share one of these instances with you all.  


  1. Thank You. I just watched that episode myself and I appreciate your observations about it. I love how the characters all came together to assist on many levels, despite class differences.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I really miss that show and might need to re-watch it. :)