Monday, October 31, 2011

Life in Allergy Town

I was thinking to myself how I often say many foods are on the "suspect list" and that led me down this train of thought...

We didn't even know we lived in Allergy Town, when my daughter was younger.  All the food items milled around town and were innocent until proven guilty.  Then, some crimes started occurring:
  • Speeding violations - the speed at which milk would be projectile-vomited from my poor baby was criminal!
  • Burglary - many of our precious sleep hours were stolen, due to reflux, stomach pains and general discomfort...
  • Vandalism - rashes were painted on my sweet baby's face and body...
As we saw the food-crime level increasing, we sought answers and found a few of the culprits.  They were put on the Least Wanted List and we put a restraining order on them.

We started out believing most of the occupants of Allergy Town were innocent, but when so many Allergens started popping up around town, everyone started to look suspicious.

Whenever a new crime occurs in a previously safe neighborhood (my daughter's stomach, lungs, skin, etc.), we canvas the area for the "usual suspects" and if they aren't present, then any other suspicious bystanders are locked up in "Food Jail".  Then, we watch the "crime" level while the suspects are locked up.  If the crime level decreases, then we let one of them out and see if any mischief resumes.  If not, they are free to go.  Sure, we've definitely locked up a few innocent foods, before, but that's just part of life in Allergy Town.  We may, eventually have to let a few inmates out, due to overcrowding, but for now, they are on strict lock-down.  I'm the Sheriff of Allergy Town and I'm watching all you foods (and medications, lotions, etc.) VERY closely!

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