Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chinese Herbs for Food Allergies - Help Fund Hope

"Hope" ~ Artistic rendering by my daughter...
(glitter markers on cardstock)
I have re-written this post about a dozen times, already, with each version containing far too many technical details. Those details will be shared and delivered, elsewhere, and I realize, as I often do, I start spouting out information to shield my inner feelings. It's much easier to talk about basophils and mast cells, than it is to discuss with you how much of my hopes and dreams are tied up in this study and its implications. I feel that if I am going to ask you all, readers, friends and family, to consider supporting research on treatments for multiple allergic conditions and progress biomarkers, then I have to express the importance of it to our family, to the current families under Dr. Li's care, and all of the families dealing with food allergies and other atopic conditions.

It is hard for some of us to allow ourselves to have hope for the future, in terms of relief from the restrictions and dangers of food allergies. It isn't easy to allow such hope to grow, for fear that we might not reach the summit of our goals. Many of us have lived so long in a constant state of panic and anxiety that we have trouble imagining a world without it. When we're feeling brave, we'll entertain thoughts of a different reality and then we take that hope, like a sentimental treasure, and put it back in its box. Dr. Li's treatment has already given me hopes that I take out of that treasure box and marvel at. Useful biomarkers would be another such treasure, saving us from the potential heartbreak of a failed food challenge. 

I'm asking you all to consider hoping along with me. I truly believe that this study will bring about helpful information and results that will benefit not only current and future patients of Dr. Li, but also anyone pursuing any kind of food allergy treatment, and even those practicing strict avoidance, in the absence of treatment. (We practiced strict avoidance pre-Dr. Li and continue to do so, as part of her protocol.)

My wish is that many of you will find it in your hearts to contribute and if you are unable, then perhaps you can share this fundraiser with your friends on social media. You never know who in your circles might have an interest in supporting this research! If you'd like to take the extra step, you can create a "Team" of your own and gather donations, as you would for a "walk" or "5k". No need to break a sweat. ;) This is going to take the effort and participation of many kind, generous souls! 

There is more to read on the campaign page, so please check it out! 


  1. Wishing you the best in this fundraising effort!!

  2. This is more than a fundraiser. This is a movement speaking volumes. Bravo to you Selena and Susan. I will post about this on Tuesday.