Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Auvi-Q Epinephrine Auto-injector to Return in Early 2017!

Exciting news is making the rounds! Auvi-Q is slated to make its much-awaited return in early 2017!

I have loved this device ever since I first heard about it. I love the size, I love that it talks you through the process, and I also love that it was invented by twins Eric and Evan Edwards, who are both at-risk for anaphylaxis.

Given that this device was recalled from the market, we all want assurances that any problems have been solved. Rights to the device have been returned by Sanofi to kaléo (formerly Intelliject). Eric Edwards explained, "We have created an intelligent, high tech, 100 percent automated robotic production line with over 100 quality checks on each and every Auvi-Q device to help insure that streamlined and consistent production process."

Pricing has not been set, as of yet, and is definitely a top concern, especially in light of recent events. The makers of Auvi-Q are well aware of the need to provide affordable access to patients.

To keep up with the latest on Auvi-Q's return, you can visit and fill out their form to sign up for updates.

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