Thursday, February 9, 2017

Auvi-Q Direct Delivery Service

for arranging a conference call with kaléo to go over details of their Auvi-Q AffordAbility plan. 
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The time to submit your forms for your Auvi-Qs is NOW! As I mentioned in an update to my earlier post, forms are already being processed ahead of the 2/14 release date, so if you are interested in getting your hands on some Auvi-Q sets, follow the steps shown, below.

Auvi-Q Direct Delivery Service

Reasons to go with the Direct Delivery Service:
  • It comes right to your door! I like to think of it as "Auvi-Q Prime" as it arrives in 2 days. :)
    • You have the option of having it delivered to your allergist, as well, if that is more convenient, due to your schedule, or local weather patterns.
  • You'll get "fresh" devices. Pharmacy stock can vary and we've all heard the stories of picking up EAIs with only a few months left before they expire. The devices going out on 2/14 have an expiration date of April 2018. Delivered devices are expected to have a minimum shelf-life of 12 months. 
  • Using Direct Delivery will ensure that you get the Auvi-Q device that your healthcare provider prescribed and won't have it substituted for another device preferred by the pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy stock will take time to proliferate so most pharmacies will not have devices in stock on 2/14. Also, not all pharmacies will be trained on the access program. If you do go to a pharmacy, and you/they need assistance, call 1-877-30-AUVIQ (1-877-302-8847.)
After you've submitted your form for Direct Delivery, make sure to take their confirmation call! The call will come from (844) 357-3968. If you're like me and tend to ignore most "Unknown" calls, you might want to save that number to your contacts, so you'll recognize it when they call. They will confirm your coverage and your delivery address details. You'll also want to save that contact number for refill requests.

If the Auvi-Q is your preferred device, submit your form ASAP!

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