Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Corn and soy, oh boy!

Well, we've been slowly reintroducing corn and soy over these past few months and it looks like they are pretty much back in!  It has been an on-again-off-again process.  We'd add something back to her diet and she'd get a rash, so it would be back out.  This happened several times, but so far this time she has not had a single rash.  She has had corn tortillas, marshmallows, and Ian's chicken nuggets (corn meal) and has not had a reaction.  I even gave her soy yogurt, yesterday and still no reaction.  Her skin is so clear, I really cannot believe it.  She turned 3 in November, so could she be outgrowing some of her allergies?   Do I dare to dream?  She looks, to me, like she had a little growth spurt and I am wondering if her immune system made a developmental leap, as well.  She is still a little itchy, but after I put on her lotions, it subsides and it doesn't result in a rash.  Her fingers are always stubborn about healing, so she still has a few spots and this one small spot comes and goes on her cheek, but that's really "nothing" as far as I'm concerned.  She hasn't played outside in over a week, though, because of the weather (cold and/or rainy), so we'll see how she fares when the weather returns to a suitable state for playing.

I got all excited over this new availability of food options and went to the store and bought her some Crispix (corn on one side and rice on the other) and some Kix (corn).  She likes the Crispix better than the Kix.  I also found Rice Mellow at Whole Foods, today, and I'm pretty excited about that.  I am a little bit apprehensive, because there is soy protein in the Rice Mellow and I don't know why that should give me more pause than the soy yogurt did, but I will have to find a recipe to try it out.  If anyone knows of a good recipe that calls for Rice Mellow (or marshmallow creme), let me know. :) 

I even bought some organic corn on the cob!  She has eaten it in the past, before we suspected it was contributing to her eczema, so she hadn't eaten it in a long time.

Anyway, it looks like corn and soy are back on the menu!

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