Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who knew eating corn on the cob could be so emotional?

Given how well the new re-introduction of corn and soy has been going, I decided to try out the actual ear of organic corn.  As I said, she has eaten them in the past, but they were removed from the menu when we suspected they were irritating her eczema.  When I told my daughter that I had corn in the cob in the fridge, she started literally jumping up and down, saying, "Ooooh, I'm so EXCITED! That will be GREAT!"  She's a happy girl, but seeing her that happy over corn on the cob almost made me cry.  She ran to the utensil drawer and told me where the corn-cob holders were and asked me to get them ready.  I made her dinner plate and she couldn't even wait for her Daddy to get home.  She grabbed the corn cob and started chomping.  She ate every kernel off that cob!  I noticed she got a little red on her cheeks, but that was caused by the friction from the furious pace at which she was eating that corn.  The redness went away shortly after she was done eating.  After cleaning that cob of every last bite, she ran off to play something in the living room.

As I do, every night, I cleaned her plate off and put it in the sink.  I went to do something in the other room and I heard her scream and cry in the kitchen.  I went zooming to the kitchen and she was on the floor and I thought she had slipped, because she was wearing tights.  When I asked if she fell and if she was OK, she said, "no, I'm OK, but I wasn't done with my DINNER!"  She was crying because she wanted more corn.  She thought there was still some left on the cob.  (I assure you that it was all done.)  She was sobbing and I thought it was just so sad and I sat on the floor and held her while she cried.  She asked me for another cob, but I told her that would be too much corn for one night and we needed to go slowly and see how it went.  (I think too much corn would cause anyone digestive problems.)  She was so sad about it and it took a while for her to get over it.  I offered her some cereal and that distracted her, thankfully.

I never thought I would have a day where I would feel elated over my daughter's joy of eating corn and so sad in seeing her lament that he corn cob was all finished.  Life in Allergy Town is pretty strange, isn't it?


  1. Oh my, just read your post and I am in tears. I can picture sweet little Morgan, so upset over the corn. Hugs to you mom.

  2. :O Thanks for the reminder! It has been a while since she had corn on the cob. I need to go get some, now that corn is definitely on the "approved" list!